Académie du chenin

In September 2016, a research exchange and networking meeting was held in Savennières, France between the CBA, University of Stellenbosch (SU) and the various French research organizations. A further meeting was then held in Savennières in November 2016 which laid the foundations for the Chenin Academy and the city of Angers gave its official support to the Academy of Chenin and the congress of 2019.

The aims of the ACADÉMIE DU CHENIN are to increase the knowledge of chenin internationally, particularly re history, terroir, viti/vini, research and also wine tourism. Also important is the creation of a network of professionals from around the world of wine to share Chenin info. For this reason, Evelyne de Pontbriand, owner of Domaine du Closel in Savennières and president of the Académie, visited SA in November last year.

One of the projects of the ACADÉMIE DU CHENIN is an International congress in 2019 Angers (1-3 July). The CBA and SU are members of the Steering committee and very involved in finalizing the programme and also proposals of the speakers/panel members at the conference.

The website for the congress will go live latest July 2018, but here the website of the Acad�mie at

We will keep you updated re progress of the programme and other logistics. Please email if you are interested in spending a few days in the Loire after the congress.

For any further enquiries, contact Ina Smith on 

Chenin Blanc Association of South Africa