International #DrinkChenin Day

In 2014 the first #DrinkChenin Day was celebrated on June 12th in New York and 10 other cities across the USA. This campaign was the brainchild of a group of USA retailers and sommeliers. The Chenin Blanc Association joined the campaign in 2016 and Wines of South Africa (WOSA – Europe and USA) is also actively supporting the campaign by e.g. facilitating special Chenin tastings and activities.

Although the date of 15th of June for 2019 was thus picked for the northern hemisphere summer, celebrating the freshness of Chenin blanc, it actually put the spotlight on the diversity of Chenin blanc. Chenin can be just as enjoyable during the South Africa winter with fuller styles ranging from sur lie to wooded styles, ideal partner for warming winter meals. This campaign has expanded to an international celebration of Chenin blanc.

The celebration of Chenin blanc continues with the latest official 2018 export statistics show that Chenin Blanc took the top spot amongst the white wines! Actually, Chenin Blanc was the only varietal of exported South African bottled wines which showed a growing market share in 2018.

#DrinkChenin Day 2019 was out and out a success and with the numbers below, it is clear that South Africa took the world by storm, both online and in the glass!

The date of the 2020 International #DrinkChenin day will be confirmed later in the year.

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